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5 Ways To Repurpose Old Jewels
Sep 10, 2018

We believe that every piece of jewellery has its own unique story to tell. From the form, colour and variety of stone and metal chosen to make it, to the particular design created to set it – each step is a labour of love and beauty.

With time however, trends may change, wear-and-tear may occur, or the purpose of the piece may turn obsolete. If your treasure chest has a few such beauties – those that you love but simply haven’t been able to wear in years – add another chapter to their tale with a few inventive alterations.

  1.  Pendant to Ring
    A smaller-sized pendant without any drops or dangles can, most often, be turned into a chic cocktail ring. If you want to be sure, simply place it on your finger and see how it sits and feels. This can also be done in reverse – an old ring to a simple pendant, if you don’t wear rings.
  2.  Multi-stone Ring to Pendant
    Heirloom rings can sometimes feel too dated because of the style of their setting. If you have one with multiple stones, it can be reinvented to become a contemporary pendant with a complete overhaul. Ask your jeweller if the individual stones can be removed from the setting and placed in a suspended cluster within a metal ring, to create something unique!
  3.  Maangtika to Necklace
    While almost every Indian bride adorns her head with a stunning maangtika (hair-piece) at her wedding, very few find much use for it later on. If this is the case with you, simply convert the head-piece to a necklace with the centre-piece as the pendant.
  4. Ornate Neck-piece to Individual Jewels
    Another ubiquitous Indian bridal tradition is wearing ornate, heavy neck-pieces. They too are used very sparingly post-wedding by most women and end up as treasure-chest relics. A great way to use them and make the most of their beauty is by breaking the one large piece into several smaller jewels. Spend some time with your jeweller and, chances are, you’ll be able to get a more wearable pendant, simpler earrings and even a bracelet out of it. The one piece now serving multiple purposes.
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