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India’s Love Affair With Jewellery
Sep 10, 2018

Jewellery has been an intrinsic part of India’s history for over 5000 years.

As far back as the Indus Valley period, one sees exquisite craftsmanship in miniature idols and women’s decorative pieces. If one were to study the various historical texts, literature, and references of the period, it’s evident that this country has had more of a link with jewellery than any other.

For over 2000 years, India was the only country to supply precious stones to the world. It produced Golconda diamonds, Kashmir sapphires, and pearls from the Gulf of Munnar. And it was during this period, that rulers from various parts of the sub-continent began to realise their value. The result was war – fought for precious metals and stones that were (and still are) symbols of financial security.

Many of the designs from then are still found in numerous pieces worn today. Filigree on gold, embossing, and large earring styles were all present thousands of years ago, and they’re styles that continue to live on.

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