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Festivals made more precious
Sep 10, 2018

Every year brings with it design trends and brand new fashion statements. Colours, looks, materials and inspirations – they’re all collated and presented to a year that’s ready to try it all. This year, we’ve chosen a few from jewellery trends around the world.

Bangle layering
Wrists have always looked more beautiful graced with bangles and bracelets. Layering enhances the look in a very stylish way by teaming different styles of wrist enhancements to create a unique statement that is very you.

Coloured diamonds
Pinks, greens and violets seem to be the trend for the year as precious diamonds take on a casual and very chic avatar with splashes of vibrant colours.

Designer pieces that are big, bold and crafted to start a conversation (or attract second glances), no matter where you go. Team them with minimal neck jewellery for added effect.

Big diamonds
Big has always been bold, and 2018 sees bigger diamonds thanks to new diamond mining technology. Diamonds are predicted to go up to 100 carats (and more!).

Yellow gold
In India, yellow gold has been known for years as the only way to wear gold. Traditionally, yellow gold best showcases Indian craftsmanship and skills. Globally, yellow gold is now a fashion statement with runways teaming their latest in clothes with designer yellow gold jewellery.

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